I wrote a song about it, it must be true


EP coming soon

Lilith And Her Demons: A Concept Album

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about the artist

not a witch, not a psychic, and certainly no saint

Sarah "Norcross" Hough is a Philadelphia based songwriter and musical theater composer. Her music draws from folk and indie rock influences and often focuses on sexuality, religion, and nature. Her theater work has been seen in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, in cooperation with Apartment 20 Theater, and FGP BRB Showcase.


i don't want to be sanguine

cause out in a crowd

you can see what a monster i am

Lilith And Her Demons

Debut EP 

Announcement for Lilith and Her Demons digital production in The Polyphone Festival for New Musicals 2021. Music and lyrics by Sarah "Norcross" Hough.

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I wanna be your first mistake, but I won’t be your last

Cause my misery really likes your company

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